Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week one.

Week one of 2015. 

This week has been an interesting one. 
Flu, flu, puke, and luckily a visit with a few of my favorite people.  

I know I am not the only one that gets depressed after the holidays. Taking my tree down is so sad to me. Like a little piece of me is dying.. Luckily with Harvey the magic lives on, while he loves on all his new toys. We had a great low key Christmas! Lots of love, food and gifts. 

We had a great week minus all the sickness, we just can't seem to shake it around here. 

Monday: we had our second snowstorm, which would have been fine since I usually don't leave the house during them. Except, Colby forgot his keys at home. Like his work keys that unlock everything, and no one can do anything without them. He was also the only one at the branch since the snow storm held everyone up so he couldn't come home to get them. Kristynn and Dean were here, so we decided to just make it an adventure! It took us almost an hour to get to Colby's work that usually takes him 20 minutes. The freeway was so bad we just took the side roads. On the way there we talked about how fun it would be for Harvey and Dean to play in the snow, except the fact we didn't have snow clothes for Harvey. So thus, is here our adventure.. we went to Wal-Mart and literally they had one pair of snow boots and they were the right size! Too bad they were 25$ Spider Man boots. Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose. We got everything but gloves... let me just tell you it is really hard to find gloves for a one year old, not to mention there isn't any motivation to drive all around town when it's like a blizzard outside. Since we were already basically in Provo I had to take her to Sodalicious. That place will be the death of me. I am embarrassed to admit how often I drive down there. She loved it, I knew she would. I mean who would't it's basically heaven and absolutely addicting. We searched for gloves some more, and finally found some. I was so close to showing her the ropes of Cubby's the best place to eat in Utah Valley, but it wasn't open for another 20 min and we were both starving so we settled for Apollo Burger. We made the trek back to my house and let the boys play in the snow. It was so fun to see our boys play and be friends. Luckily they had just seen each other 2 weeks before when Harvey and I went to AZ to see Kristynn graduate nursing school. They are so cute together! Nothing makes my heart happier for Harvey to be besties with my besties baby. Sadly, Kristynn had to make the treck home that day. I hope she is able to find a job in Utah so I can see her more. Distance sucks, as well as all your friends moving away. 

Wednesday and Thursday: 
NYE and New Years Day were pretty crappy. Flu, flu and some more flu. We did nothing. Like to the point it was painfully boring. Luckily I wasn't sick this time. It was more Colby and Harvey. They got lots of love and I got lots of netflix, it's basically a fair trade. 

I finally got a girls night. Hayden and Marcus were in town for Christmas break, so we got to steal her away from family so that we could spend time with her. Kels met us at Fashion Place and Cheesecake factory had a 1 1/2 wait, but it's worth it so we did so shopping while we waited. Per usual I just bought Harvey some clothes and nothing for me. I got him some really cute Mickey stuff since we are going to Disney World in 3 weeks! That and Harvey is obsessed with TOODLES. like every morning he comes on my bed, grabs my phone and says TOODLES MAMA, so i will put it on Netfllix. It is the only thing he will watch, He is OBSESSED. Anyways we finally got to cheesecake factory after we went to sephora and tried on all the makeup and looked like hookers. It was so nice to just sit and talk to with other mom's but most important friends. It is rejuvenating to talk to other women who understand this stage in life, ever if our circumstances are all a little different. At the end of the day we are all young mom's trying to maintain ourselves while raising little ones to be successful humans. Really cute little humans at that. I am so glad we could all get together even though Hayden is in AZ and Sara luckily just got back from Mexico that day and Kels living in Davis county. I have some great friends. I really do. I am glad they understand me, love me and my little family. We stuffed ourselves silly and stayed there wayyy too late. 

It was Hayden and Marcus full day in town and we hadn't really seen them much so Pam (who is basically, the nicest person on this planet) invited us to dinner so we could spend time with. Pam went all out! She even baked us rolls from scratch! Like I said, she is incrediable. It was so fun to just spend time with them at Pams it was like they never even left. I miss them so much it hurts. Harvey and Christian played great together. It's so fun to see them together. The little buddies were back at it again making a mess everywhere they went. I am so glad we finally got spend a little time with them and were so sad they had to go back today. Like I said, life really sucks when everyone grows up and moves away. 

Today we made a pact we won't be late for church this year. " There is no reason to be late to 1:00 church" Colby said. I was all showered, dressed and ready by 12:30. It was time to wake up Harvey at 12:40. I already had his clothes all ironed, snacks packed and everything ready to go. All I had to do was get him dresses and off we were. HAHAHAHAHAHA Harvey had other plans, as he often does. He woke up Pissed. Like he wouldn't stop crying and freaking out. He was so worked up and mad after he was dressed and we were walking out the door he threw up all over me and him. In my hair and all over my dress... oh and all over his only clean church pants. I knew that was satan working on me. At that moment it would have been so easy to say screw it and just go home, but I didn't. Harvey and I hopped in the shower, and ten minutes later we were on our way to church. Yes, I had soaking wet hair, Yes, Harvey had jeans on and a shirt that we should probably retire, but we were there and that's all that is important. Luckily we have the best nursery leader Amy Kerby and she loves him so much she let's him go in early. Like 3 months early. It makes such a difference to me. I can relax for a minute and get something out of church. It is so easy to want to skip church with a small child because honestly it's really hard to get something out of it. I am glad I have a husband that encourages to go and for the young women that I hate not seeing for a whole week that help me pull myself together.

Those are the highlights of my week. Other than that we started Friends from the very beginning and I tried to make banana pancakes. They turned out horribly, but hey cooking is not my strong point. It's a good thing that I am funny and a good friend. Who needs to know how to cook when you are funny and a good friend. right? Yea, I thought so too.

Can I just talk a second about how cute Harvey is? Of course I can, cause I can barely remember what happened this week, so I want to remember how cute he was when he was little when he is a teenager who doesn't wanna kiss his mama.

He is obsessed with 5 things right now. Jesus, Santa ( ho ho ho), toodles, mama and shoes. He is a well rounded little guy. Although he does get some of his favorites confused sometimes. On Christmas I asked him, Who brought all these gifts? He said, "Jesus". Every time he says it, he whispers it. It's adorable. I then asked who's birthday it is and he said "ho ho ho". One day he will get it straight right? He loves toodles (Mickey). We have so much Mickey stuff around our house it's not even funny. Harv can spot Mickey anywhere. Like the smallest Mickey and he FREAKs out. He will be dang good at hidden Mickey.

Well, He's adorable. Colby and I are healthy and happy what more could you ask for?

Not much.

It's been a great first week for 2015. Let's hope the rest of the year is pretty great too.


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