Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 2

This week has been a pretty uneventful one.... Well, kind of.

On Tuesday night as Colby and I were getting ready for bed Harvey got really sick. He was crying and crying and I went into his room and there was throw up. It made me so sad for him, as I went to pick him up he got sick again... everywhere. He was just crying, "mama ... mama..mmmmmaaammmaa." there is nothing sadder or that makes you feel as hopeless as seeing your baby sick. I gave hime a bath and got him in jammies and tried to give him some water and he puked again! This time it was all over me too. So we hopped in the bath, got all cleaned up and laid in my bed. Well, he was sick again and again so after 5 times and 4 baths all the bed sheets in our house and all his clean pj's we took him to grandpa and he and Colby gave hime a blessing. I just didn't know what to do. It was so sad to see him puking so much and have a fever. After all that trauma he wouldn't sleep in his own bed. Who could blame the kid? who would want to sleep in their own bed after that. So I put him in my bed and was fine as long as I was touching him. He was so funny about it. If he woke up and I wasn't touching him he would grab my hand and put it on his little belly or he would put his cheek on my cheek. Needless to say I hardly slept, I was too paranoid about his fever and he was constantly laying on me, grabbing at me, or kicking me.

I was exhusted the next day, and I had to get up for a Dr. Appt at 6:45. Luckily I was out of there by 7:00 and I was hoping I could catch a little sleep before Colby had to go to work. Sadly Harvey woke up as I walked in the door and wasn't happy. Poor baby still had a fever, so I gave him a cool bath and tried to get him to drink some water. Colby ran to the store to stock up on some sick baby essentials, and with Harv that included a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Dvd. I mean you can only watch road rally on netflix so many times. Unless you are Harv of course and ask for 2-6 times a day. He didn't take a nap and I was at my whits end. This is where I knew my Heavenly Father was/is very aware of me that day. He is like clock work with his naps, and sleep schedule. So when he didn't go down for a nap till 2 I was ready to scream, I was soo tired and taking care of a sick needy baby is just exhausting. I was laying in my bed ready to fall asleep, when my friend Sara came in with a diet coke for me and a smoothie for Harvey. Although that may have seemed like a simply gesture for her to me at that moment it meant the world. She was aware of me and my needs at that time and knew I had a long night, but she had no idea I was at my breaking point. She left and I just Kim Kardashian ugly cried. Then, later that day I got a text from my sweet friend Shannon asking what my family wanted for dinner from Kneaders. It was just something so simple for her that made a huge difference to me! They saying raising children is the hardest job there is, and it's absolutely true! Although, with the help of an amazing support system, it's not so bad. I am so lucky to have AMAZING friends who are always looking out for me. That love Harvey as one of their own and that go out of their way to serve me.

I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven knew my needs at that very moment and delivered.  He works in mysterious ways. Like a diet coke from swig and a kick a salad from kneaders. He knew I hate bodily fluids and I was up cleaning them almost in tears. He knew I was so dang tired and that I just needed to see someone's healthy face.

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. It's crazy that we have been married that long! With a sick baby we kept things pretty low key. Last night we put him down for bed then went to Cubbys for dinner. I know, Cubbys isn't very fancy, but it's so delicious. I crave it several times a week. After Cubby's we spent some romantic alone time at target. Ya, know doing exciting things. We decided to keep it simple mostly because we are going to Disney world in 3 weeks. Our toodles obsessed Harvey will be so happy, not to mention we get to show the Helm's what Disney is all about. They aren't quite believers yet. Keyword: yet.

I seriously can't believe it has been that long. Some days it seems like it was yesterday and others it seems like we have been married forever. I am so lucky I married someone who is perfect for me. Somedays he makes me wanna scream but mostly I just love him a lot. He is a great daddy and you can tell how much he loves Harv. He is just what I needed in a spouse and I am lucky I have him.

Here is to hoping we can kick this sickness in our house! We still aren't 100%. That is my goal for this week.

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