Saturday, April 19, 2014


I get anxiety at the word pregnancy. Man, it was hard. Some women are super lucky and it is nothing, but unicorns, rainbows and everything happiness is made of. For me it was nothing, but puke and sleeping on my couch. I was dead to the world for about 39 weeks and 6 days... but who is counting. 
Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we.....

First Trimester: 
I wanna to cry when I hear those two words together. For starters my plate was full. I was taking 19 credits, teaching public speaking, working at the dentist office, and serving as a primary teacher and young women's advisor. We didn't want to tell anyone until about 12 weeks, but when you are puking every half hour it's kinda hard to keep under wraps. I know some people think... every half hour? dramatic much? No. I wish I was just being dramatic. There were some days that I just had a really hard time. A good day was only puking twice. Eating was a struggle. Luckily, the doctor told me if I managed to eat anything I was doing great. My diet my first trimester was kinda sketch. 

Food that I actually ate:
Chicken broth
Watermelon... Hard to find in January and February and super expensive. Luckily I puked it up at Best buy and got over it pretty quickly. 

That was it. I tried and tried to eat other food, but it didn't happen. I lost 10 pounds in the first 12 weeks, so that was that. 

I napped a lot. Like EVERYDAY. It was great, but i missed my friends. I missed life. I missed walking to the mailbox without puking and needing a nap. 

Second Trimester: 
It got better to where I was usually just puking once a day. Usually I would wake up, eat a cracker, go to the bathroom to puke and I just carried on with my day. I still had no energy. I would get home from work or school and just sleep. I missed my friends. I missed too many bach nights, because I felt like I was slowly dying. 

We found out we were having a boy. I so badly wanted a girl, because lets face it girl stuff is so cute, but I knew it was a boy. We went at 15 weeks and found out the gender so this mama could start shopping and that's just what I did. 

I graduated and my mom came. Sadly, I had no energy the whole time she was here, but I tried. 
I could eat more things, but still not very much and if I ate anything too heavy I puked it up. Everyone told me it gets better. I was still sick, but it got better. At this point I wanted to punch everyone in the face who LOVED pregnancy. 

I took a lot of naps. A LOT. 

Third Trimester: 
The puking subsided for the most part. glorious. 

Most people hate the third trimester. They get tired and uncomfortable (story of my life), but for me I was living the dream. I could be awake for more then 8 hours without needing a nap. I finally spent some time with my friends. 

I got the babies room all set up and had a baby.

Like, I said pregnancy was not the business, but having my babes totally is. So I guess it works out in the end. 

14 weeks
20 weeks 
30 weeks 
39 weeks 
Baby time 

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  1. Ok your 40 week picture looks like my 12 week picture! You're so tiny!!!