Monday, October 21, 2013

The making of Harvey.

I'll spare you all the initial details... you know, all the stuff that happened before we found out.

We had been IUD free for about a year before we actually got pregnant. When I was pregnant I knew it.  I was sick from day 1.... ok not day one, more like day 21 if we are being honest with ourselves. 

Colby and I decided for our anniversary we wanted to do a session at the Salt Lake temple and stay downtown and just have a fun night on the town. We did a session at the temple and it was such a great experience for me it was my first live session. We checked into our hotel and headed to dinner at the cheesecake factory for a feast, it was delicious, but I was so stuffed I had to take my cheesecake to go. Yes, this is an important detail. When we got back to the hotel there was no fridge, but luckily we got married when it was fridged so I just put the cheesecake on the window sill where it was nice a freezing cold. We woke up the next morning and I finally had room for that cheesecake. So I devoured it like any classy woman eats cheesecake. We got ready and headed home, but before we went all the way home we decided to check out the new scheels that just opened up. HELLO there is a ferris wheel in that place, its like Disneyland for the outdoorsy folk. (I'll stick to the real Disneyland). We were going to get lunch at the cafe, but I felt so sick, I figured it must be that the cheesecake I ate that maybe didn't stay so cold last night and made me sick. Ahhh Haaaa it was the delicious, tasty, creamy... spoiled cheesecake.

I didn't think much of it, because it was the cheesecake. Well, two days later I was sick again. I told Colby I was pregnant. He didn't believe me. If you know me, I am slightly dramatic. I told Colby that I was probably pregnant every month, BUT I knew this was it. I was sick and not just making it up in my head. So I convinced Colby to at least let me go to the dollar store and buy a pregnancy test (because we had already spent so much on negative tests. Those bad boys are expensive... or they are when you buy a box every month. ) He finally gave in and we got 5. When checking out the lady told us good luck. Uhhh thanks lady. It's a smart thing to say if you think about it. If we were wanting to get pregnant, then yes good luck. If we had not been wanting to be pregnant, good luck was a safe thing to say. We got home and I went straight to the bathroom to pee. It showed up right away. I rushed to show Colby, he may or may not of made me take 3 tests.

He finally believed me after 3! It was such a surreal moment. We wanted nothing more to have a baby, and it was finally our time. We knew it would happen when it was our time. It came at the perfect time for us. It was my last full semester of classes and a busy one at that. I know if I had a baby before I was done with school I would of never finished. Some people think, so what. Who cares if you finish school, your calling on this earth is to be a mother. Yes, that is true, but it was very important to finish school. Graduating from college is something that I have always wanted for myself, and I knew I could do it. I've seen so many girls give up what they truly wanted to have kids and later on have regretted it. Not having kids, but not doing what they wanted first. Some people may think I might sound selfish, but Heavenly Father knew the right time for us. I don't think I am better then women who didn't finish school, but it was something that was important to me.

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